I have been feeling a little bit under the weather or whatever, I don’t know. I haven’t been writing, reading, or doing anything productive for that matter in terms of producing quality content. I just have been feeling so overwhelmed by my surroundings and I became lazy in the process of all of that. I’ve been finding myself procrastinating to do easy tasks that I have set out for myself for the day.

This is called drowning in your sorrows and feeling pity for yourself for not being able to do the things that you want to do. Allowing your emotions, momentary feelings to swallow you by allowing them to be the deciding behavioral response to how you carry your day after that feeling and it doesn’t help anybody unless you get your big ass up, change that attitude and TRY to get out of your feelings or a certain emotion and live in this moment. You can’t let a ‘feeling’ stop you from living a day to its fullest.

you can never go wrong when you try because it simply shows your effort to change your state of mind and attitude towards the present moment by letting go of negative emotions that bring you down that you forget this moment right here.

I’m not beating myself up about feeling shitty lately, my emotions all over the place but I’m conceding this moment I’m having right now and that is enough.

This post is way overdue and it was supposed to be about individuality. Since I couldn’t even bring that to fruition, I am writing this post instead.

( I read somewhere that when you’re feeling a certain emotion- make room for it, allow the moment to happen and fully express it then let it go, move on to something else. Do not identify with the emotion so much that you can’t let go of it even though it doesn’t serve you anymore and miss the moment)

I did one thing I am proud of though today- I was honest with myself. I was able to express my feelings honestly, I was true to myself and I was fully expressive about it. I made an effort to wake up, write about how shitty I feel as shitty as I felt, I still made an effort to do one thing I love-express myself  and I’m inspired to write again!

Say no to feeling sorry for yourself and get up and do it anyway! Dwelling on negative emotions is super unhealthy, you end up missing out on the other side of life!

#tuesdaymotivation, #positivity, #creativeself-expression, #individuality

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